Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Got to love the Japanese!

OOTD: earrings from Juicy Couture, black lace top from TOPSHOP, white hot shorts (not shown) from Zara, Infinity charm bracelet (not shown) from Thomas Sabo

Today was an unintentional day of SUSHI + DAISO SHOPPING. Reminded me of why I love Japan and all it's quirks & kawaii-ness. ^_^

First off, Lennon & I stuffed ourselves silly with plate after plate of sushi and sorts at Sakae Sushi (Penang Rd's). It was cheap but i'm definitely picking Sushi Tei over Sakae from now onwards. The food quality used to be OKAY but now I feel it has gone fast-food style. Edible but lacks substance. And particularly for Japanese cuisine, you cannot expect to pay a small price and expect good quality. The pictures above are the only two that were good, along with the salmon kaarage. I was craving for my favourite Fried Salmon Skin, which they stopped serving on their menu!!! All the more reason why I will not patronage them anymore.

I really want to mention that the Japanese are really one bunch of innovative & creative people. I went to Daiso just to get empty bottles to fill with shampoo for my trip and I was amazed by the aisles and aisles of what I would call... "Things-I-Don't-Need-But-Will-Find-A-Need-For-Just-Because"

They had all sorts of stuff! From egg containers, banana holders (shaped in a banana, just to be a casing for a single one), make up brushes/sponge washers, the cutest stationery, and more (I can't remember them all now, and I was too rushed for time to take more photos) - and at just $2, there's really no reason to question your buys or give a second thought. Impulsive? Yes. Waste of money? Maybe. But yields a high level of satisfaction? VERY.

I'm trying out their make up remover sheets! Seems like a very efficient way to remove make up for the extremely lazy (like me). Tomorrow I'll use the solution (not pictured) to wash my M.A.C. brushes. I'll see how it goes!

And this, THIS, is the cutest thing ever. This was what I meant when I said I ended up buying things I don't need. They use this in their bento box to store sauces. I don't have any need to store sauces, nor do I carry around my sauces with me... But I had to have this just because of the rabbit one. I'm a sucker for anything bunny or adorable.(^ω^)

Another one of my favourite Daiso buys I got awhile back. The leopard-print scrunchie which I use to tie my high buns. It's one of my favourite up-dos if I'm having a bad hair day or if the weather is hot. It gives my hair nice curls when I let it down too!

We caught Johnny English later in the evening... Always good to have someone take you away from the rush of life to just sit you down for 2 hours to do nothing but LAUGH. It's true, it's a good medicine! ;) And ice-cream too, that's always good.(*^^*)

When ice-cream still doesn't work for me, I get bubble tea! A great beverage from another Asian country.

And because I got this HK 2012 diary for my sister, who i'll be meeting up with in Paris, I thought i'd give her a sneak peek! Hello Kitty is a character I've practically grown up with. 21 years old but still lovin' this adorable kittykat. (=^・^=)

Hope you all had a good start to your week! If not, like the Japanese like to say, GANBATTE!

P.S. The excessive (but cute) emoticons were too suit the mood of the post. It's too much of a hassle to include all the time! 。◕‿◕。


  1. You should blog more. You make me feel like blogging again. Miss you x