Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween, Readers!

I really don't know how I'm going to start blogging on my Italy trip. So many, too many photos. If you're on my Facebook then you'd probably have seen most of it though! ;) I'll work on it soon so in the mean time...

Here's what I do when I blog. I need my trinity of Mac products.

(Please excuse the finger prints, this shows that I was busy at work~)
Phone: For texting, calls, and sometimes I use my iPhone4's camera, so I use Dropbox and link it to my Macbook Pro.
iPad: Here's where I edit my photos, add text on them, and then Dropbox it when i'm done!
MacBook Pro: Here's where the magic happens! CLICHE~ Dropbox links everything here and I sort them out into folders, then start on blogging! ;D Btw I never realized how much this emoticon fit me til I realized I keep taking photos with this expression. ;D

So I was all dressed up and couldn't resist taking a few shots before leaving the house. Trying out my new pink lipstick from The Body Shop! Shall do a post on the products i'm using soon. Their new range of Mineral products are AWESOME. It took me years to finally feel satisfied about my make up products? Cause i'll try, try again, til I find something that fits. And so far, The Body Shop's and Chanel's are the best.

OK side-tracked for a moment.

I bothered to doll up because I haven't seen my boyfriend in 5 days? Umm, we used to see each other e v e r y d a y, so 5 is a lot. We're both so busy now and have commitments at work and school so it's been very hard. But what's important is that the love is there and that we try to make things work! :) Plus, he is mega patient with me. So i'm really lucky.

AND... to show my appreciation, for the first time in our whole dating period of almost a year now - I was early to meet him!

First thing to settle - EMPTY STOMACHS. So we headed to Tampopo Ramen. It's funny because Lenn had suggested Din Tai Fung but i'm all for saving $$ now (the faster I save, the faster I can get on a plane to Europe again ;D) so I said let's go to a food court! But, we walked past Tampopo and had cravings..........

Unagi set

Shoyu Black Pig Ramen

Scallops. This turned out pretty good as I was skeptical about the egg yolk at first.

And Lennon was curious about the crabs so we tried them. So much for saving money. One little crab is like $2?

Guess what he was doing? I was supposed to eat that crab and he said "can I bite off the legs first?" and i'm like "ooOooOkay, go ahead" and I thought he'd just eat everything but no, he gave me the body and said "Okay! Done! You can eat now!"


We walked aimlessly around town after that. The shopping in SG is so bad :\ I really need new clothes though.

Oh right, and before I go, here are some pictures from last night at Avalon! There's more but not in my camera.

Being the sua ku I am, I have not been to MBS til yesterday night and I was impressed by how classy a Gongcha store can be when you are located at a place like MBS! 

With Angelina, the famed tumblr fitness goddess of!

Favourite moment was when I was leaving, I looked down and saw Steve Aoki leaving as well, with a trail of bouncers. He was walking at a normal pace at first, and I was like O_O and then some girls screamed "OMG IT'S STEVE AOKI!" and he started running, although they weren't chasing him. Singaporeans probably rave only when it comes to K-Pop huh. I'd chase Aoki & Skrillex any day though. My long-haired music gods... <3

I wish I had the time to join in the fun of Halloween celebrations. Instead, I am here while everyone's off partying. Hope you guys had a freaky night and ask me out to party in 2012 ok? xx


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