Friday, 4 November 2011

Fire Away

Hi guys!!! I can't believe it's already November! HOW DID TIME JUST SLIP BY LIKE THAT?!
I'm going to be a little busy over the next few days. So many parties to plan, but i'm not complaining because it's been pretty fun. Most importantly, the parties are being planned for the most important people in my life, my bestfriend & boyfriend. So I'm all hyped up and I hope it'll be a blast. What that means for you is a HOW TO PLAN A PARTY post on two very different themes (which i'll reveal in time to come ;) !) I'm not very good at planning schedules and things like that but I absolutely LOVE planning parties? Lyd & I have this crazy ambition of becoming party planners since we were 14.

So I made this super awesome poster for my boyfriend (to be revealed next week) and while listening to David Guetta ft Sia - Titanium and doing that... I got distractedinspired! So here are some fun shots. :)

For updates, follow my twitter or my tumblr~ Til then, I hope you all had a good start to November XOX

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